Why And How To Verify Your B2B Email Marketing Lists?

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Nowadays email marketing has become more crucial. Even though you are a legit email marketer with a double option list, your emails may not be delivered to the recipient’s inbox. According to survey, more than 20% of email registrations contain typos, syntax, domain and other errors. Sometimes even if you are sending mail to an older email list, few email addresses can bounce back. It can also cause the email addresses to offset the balance and raise a flag with Email Service Provider (ESP) or Internet Service Provider (ISP). Some email marketers think that it is easier for spammers to reach recipients inbox than a company with a good message.

You may think you have a big list of people and your email program reports show that mails are sent to more than 10,000 people, but there is no change in the click rates and conversion rates. This makes critically important to monitor and update the hygiene of the email lists. So maintaining a good email list practice is extremely imperative to the long term success for the email marketing campaigns as well as for the overall deliverability.

Why And How To Verify Your B2B Email Marketing Lists?
Ways to Verify Your B2B Email Marketing Lists

There are two distinct ways to clean the B2B email marketing lists.

  1. Validation: It comprises of the removal of bounces, spamtraps, complainers, duplicates, disposables, botclickers, formal errors and unicode characters. Along with these it also checks the mail exchange record for warning signs in order to prepare the list for verification.
  2. Verification: This step is the final removal of bounces, vacation emails, challenge removals, replies from list servers, feedback reports, forwarders and false positives.

These two steps of Email Marketing System are extremely used to clean the email lists in order to overcome from the increased bounce rate and to improve the conversion rates. So here are few tips to verify B2B email marketing lists:

  • Be strategic about the list:

    Check each email address and verify it before you add it to the list. Then make sure the email address is added to the correct list without any typo errors. It’s best to verify the lists at the time of addition. This is one of the fundamental requirements about Advertising Through Email

  • Allowing recipients to opt-in to your emails:

    Ensure your list is filled with recipients who are eager to subscribe for your content. This is very important in optimal deliverability.

  • Use data-checkers:

    You can easily avoid the bad email addresses by using data checkers at the point of data collection. By following this way, only properly formatted email addresses are updated into your database.

  • Get rid of spam email addresses:

    Any email addresses that has no open rate and click rate for some duration of time, then it should be removed from the list. So monitor your email lists and recipients engagement to avoid this.

  • Online tool:

    Cleaning and validation of an email list is a crucial task. So with the help of list cleaning tools you can quickly clean up your lists.

  • Consider an email verification service:

    If your list has not been used for a long time or if there is any email deliverability issues, then there are some paid services that can verify the email address in your list. NationalBuilder is one of the best-integrated services available to validate the email list and charges 1cent per record to verify. This significantly helps Email Advertising Campaigns and improves the quality of customer correspondence.

  • Re-engage your supporters:

    Use some tricks and build queries to find out who hasn’t taken any part from long time and try to get them off the fence.

By using these tips you can reduce the bounce rate and spam traps on your lists and finally improve conversion rates through B2B email marketing. Even though there are many ways to clean the lists, but it is practically impossible to clean the lists 100%. A few bad email addresses will always remain in your subscriber lists.

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