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Automobile Manufacturing Industry Email List

Automobile Manufacturing Industry Email List – The auto industry is an old one that has been continuously active since the early part of the twentieth century. It has seen dozens of major innovations to improve the vehicle’s safety, comfort, and performance and eco-friendliness. But the fundamentally constant aspect of any vehicle has been its dependence on a human driver.
As cities grow along with the economy, vehicle ownership grows along with it. The traffic in major cities seems to have increased exponentially and drivers face enormous stress while getting to work in the rush-hour traffic. All of this can be eased with autonomous cars. If this technology becomes mainstream, it will signal a fundamental change in the auto industry and the economy as a consequence.

Safer Vehicles

Almost all the vehicular accidents happen due to human error and a negligible few due to vehicular problems. The most common causes of accidents are rash driving, driving under influence, over speeding and so on. Such accidents cause a significant strain on the insurance and healthcare sector in the United States.

Both these problems can easily be overcome with autonomous cars. These cars are self-driving using radar and LIDAR technology. With this, the cars are able to sense obstacles, lane changes, assess speed, relative to distance and brake automatically if need be. Such cars react much faster than humans and would definitely reduce accidents or even stop them completely. The Automobile Manufacturers email Lists and their popularity could help advertisers to track the shift toward self-driving vehicles.

Leisurely Drive

An obvious advantage of such cars is one that drivers can only dream of. Autonomous would eliminate the stress associated with driving in urban traffic. It would give them additional time and energy to focus on their work, spend time with family and friends during drives. There is a direct correlation between driving stress and road rage. Autonomous cars can reduce all of these to negligible levels. Promotions of Automobile Manufacturing Industry Email List with autonomous car makers on the list is sure to attract several prospective buyers.

 Impact on the Economy

The downside to autonomous cars is unemployment. There are several millions of people whose livelihood depends on driving. These people include taxi drivers, goods transportation vehicle drivers. All of these people will be rendered jobless. Owners of the cab companies as well as the goods transportation companies will obviously make larger profits. This is a critical issue that needs to be immediately addressed. Advertisers are sure to earn higher rewards by promoting the Automobile Manufacturing Industry Email List.
There are benefits and pitfalls to any new technology that revolutionizes an industry.

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